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Exclamation 'new' and 'exit' issues with local editor

I use the built-in text editor a great deal. It's very convenient to use in the process of page tweaking.
As I use the editor, I noticed a few bugs:
1) the File- >new menu option will create a new file over an existing *modified* edit session (loosing work). ie: open local file, make a change or two, then choose 'new' from the 'file menu', and *whoosh*, empty window and no prompts to save changes.
2) I've used a few instances of the built-in editor at one time (with local files), and mistakenly forgot to close all the minimized instances of the editor before i exited FlashFXP. The system responded with an error message per window I had open, not simply closing any saved files or prompting to save modified files.
Please reply if these items are need more details.
Thank you.
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