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Originally posted by MxxCon
this could be an argument of a chicken and an egg.
Since you're an egg-connoisseur. which came first, the egg or the chicken?

however i think it's up to ftp client/user to keep such commands. for one, developers of *nix/mac os have no way of adding commands to FlashFXP becuase it won't run on their os.
Eh? If those OS' can't run ffxp, what need would they have of adding commands? You're SO missing the point. Let me reiterate: Charles adds any and all commands he comes across to ffxp, so that if the server, regardless of OS, supports them, they'll work within ffxp. Still, it's the server that has to make those commands etc. known to the users, not the client. it's not ffxp that's at fault if a site command fails, unless it's added wrong, but that's beside the scope of the thread.

if you download latest command set from one ftpd, it will overwrite all other commands.
? My babelfish is disabled.

plus some users don't need admin command set..
Again, that's the server's task, not the client's.
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