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Originally posted by MxxCon

what Slinger and bigstar are refering to is ftpd specific commands, like:
SITE ADDUSER %d[Username]  %d[Password] %d[ident@ip]
SITE GADDUSER %d[Group] %d[Username] %d[Password] %d[iden@ip]
SITE CHFLAG %d[Username:] %d[Flag ?] %d[Set to YES or NO]
these commands are ftpd specific and need to be maintained fairly regularly to keep them up-to-date.
nothing major or technical, just fair amount of copy/paste
wanna do it?
Yea, I already knew that, but you're still not explaining why it's the client's responsibility to keep such an updated list and make it public. I'm thinking all you should do is make sure ffxp has all the oddball commands and leave it up to the respective ftp-servers to make known which commands they support, if any.
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