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Lightbulb Directory discovery

It is more like an improvement, as the feature already exsts.
I am VERY unhappy with the way FlashFXP handles the directories in the queue:
1. Takes one dir.
2. Downloads files,
3. enters the next dir if any, and back to step 2.

This is completely ok if You do not wish to know how long will it take to download the files, and do not wish to manage the queue while downloading.

I would like to have an option in FlashFXP that says: "Discover all dirs before downloading".
When checked, FlashFXP goes thru the whole queue and discovers all dirs for files - and adds them to the queue in the same order as the directories are - so that when the download starts, there are no directories anymore in the queue.
This way the estimated download time is more accurate, and You can easily remove the files You don't want to download during transfer. Today if I want to do that, I have to move all dirs to the top one by one - which is a great pain if You download complete directory structures.

What do You think?
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