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Default An example

An example:

(dl.fqf is always on my desktop, ready for use)

1) I want to dl 2 files today: 1.pdf and 2.pdf
2) I put those files in the queue and save it as dl.fqf
3) I don't want to dl now because I want to surf so I close flashfxp.
4) A bit after, I double-clic the dl.fqf that is on my desktop and the download starts.
5) yeah, 1.pdf is done and 2.pdf has started to be downloaded but now I want to stop flashfxp, so I save the dl.fqf and exit. Now, there is only 2.pdf that remains in the dl.fqf.
6) A bit later I double-clic dl.fqf and the download of 2.pdf starts.
7) 2.pdf has been successfully retrieved :-)
8) I cannot save dl.fqf because the queue is empty, so I exit flashfxp and that's all.
9) I fetch 1.pdf and 2.pdf and put them in an other directory.
10) The next time I log on my computer (next week perhaps ... ?) I will execute dl.fqf and flashfxp will start to re-download 2.pdf even if I already have it in an other direcory. That's normal because it is still in the dl.fqf and no more in the destination directory.
If it was possible to save an empty queue in dl.fqf, I will immediately know that everything has been downloaded and I won't have to look in other directories if I have already downloaded 2.pdf

In this optic, an autosave option of the queue would also be nice (perhaps it is already possible ?)

Is it clearer ? ^__^
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