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Question User friendly Quick Connect

there still seems to be some confusion with the quick connect, I have encountered several emails from people confused about entering a ftp:// url and not being able to fill out the other fields.

The quick connect works like this.

If the user enters a url ftp:///user:pass@host:port/path that url is passed to the connect method.

If the user enters seperated details "host", "user", "pass", etc. a url is generated and passed to the connect method.

Now it's impossible to have both.

in v1.4 if ftp:// was detected we disabled the seperated fields, however it was pointed out that if the user entered host:port the seperate fields were enabled even though they weren't used.

I have since addressed that problem but in my opinion this still isn't very user friendly.

One consideration was to detect if the url pasted a ftp:// url and automatically chop it up, filling in the seperate fields.

Of course this wouldnt work if the user manually typed a ftp:// url.

What other solutions can you come up with?
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