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SFV Check Integration on downloads: Good, bad or ugly ?
My idea is letting interested users to enable future option in FlashFXP called 'sfv integration' with the following settings available:
1) Report of -missing files
2) Auto-delete if downloaded is bad (optional: rename/delete)
3) Auto-requeue if file downloaded was bad (optional: requeue/ignore)
4) Generate progress bar... file/dir

I don't think auto sfv check will be slower than manually checking all sfvs downloaded from a big queue like most of us do.
In the end it gives us much more time left to enjoy our 100% ok downloads then browsing again the ftp for that bad file, most times already old, thus deleted from ftp, and re-download it (if it still on the ftp). When we decide to manually check the sfvs from that big queue, sometimes they were already deleted from server and we can't find them nowhere. Damn if flash had just requeued on the same day... that single file... that is so important for the whole thing.
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