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Default LAN transfer speed and corrupt uploads

I've noticed when uploading files to my XBOX, FlashFXP uploads at a consistant 1200k/s.

By comparison, WS_FTP and Xisomanager both upload at 4.5MB/s.

I've tested this with multiple files, and every time FlashFXP is consistantly about 4x slower.

Is there any possible reason for this? The client should not affect transfer speeds once the control connection has sent all the commands and the transfer has started, correct?

Something else I noticed while transferring files around between pc>xbox>pc, is that files transferred through FlashFXP become corrupt on the other end quite frequently during very fast transfers of large numbers of mixed size files.

This happens consistantly with FlashFXP and has yet to happen with WS_FTP or XisoManager.
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