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Default resume bug (rollback)

This has happned a couple of times for me over the last year and a half or so. This has happned on fresh installs of flashfxp on serperate comptuers. If I download from a person i'm trading a large file with (700megs) and I have to do a resume, then I do. When the file is completed the movie file will not play (file is currpot)

I have redownloaed the file again, this time setting the rollback feature on resumes to around 4k and every time I do that the file turns out fine.

The rollback feature should default to rolling back a couple k or atleast 1 k so the user doesn't have currpot downloads.

other than that.. flashfxp is my favorite, and have been using it since it came out... and was under a different name.. (i forgot now)
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