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Default Weird problem with download

i have a problem with ffxp starting a week ago. .

when i download files from ftp sites it disconnects after 1-2 or 3 files.

i have no ide why it does this since it won't give me any errors, it just disconnects from the site
227 Entering Passive Mode (,x,xxx)
RETR xxxxx.rar
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for xxxxx.rar (15000000 bytes).
Connection lost:
Transferred 1 file totaling 6,58 MB in 15:46 (23,90 KBps)
Skipped 2 files
Attempting to Reconnect.
Transferred: xxxxx.rar 14,31 MB in 10:43 (22,77 KBps)
Connecting to #1 = iP adress...
This happens from alot of sites and i have asked my iSP if there is any limits and they say there is none.

I'm using the latest FFXP and tried to re-install it witout any luck.
When i look at the dial-up time it show that it has'nt been diconnected from the internet (i'm using PPPOE / ADSL)
I know alot of sites has download limits , but this is'nt the case since it's from a private site. (also tried it from other sites)

I'm using Win2k3 with ICS and the problem is'nt just on the Server, it's when i use it from a Win2k PRO client as well .

What am i missing out on here ?
oh, and sorry for my bad english dude's and dude'ttes
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