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Yes, could use .txt when writing scripts of my own.

But usually I am dealing with scripts made by others, - and it's really rare to find scripts that exclusively uses .txt. Guess the reason is Unix doesn't depend on extensions the way dos/windows do.

Using ffxp I constantly had to opened the preferences window to set the transfer mode.

I am buying beers to the one making a patch to fix this :-)) Should not be that difficult, as the commands transfer + mode already are being sent to the server. Just must be able to set mode pr. session instead of using the value stored in preferences.

I am working with web development, and this is 1 of 3 things a ftp client *must* have (keep alive and a good site manger are the others).

When even WS FTP has it, why shouldn't FlashFXP ??

So, there is the challenge :-)
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