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Default Better ASCII / Binary handling

This may have been posted before.

I picked up this app half a year ago, and though it's a great app, I threw it out. (now I am about to test version 1.4).

The reason is that I miss a very easy method of determing if an upload/download should be in ASCII or binary - that is: pr session (marked files).

I am mostly using FTP whn I am working on cgi, and those script tends to create unknown file extension, though the files are all ASCII. For example, - for latest news post, or archive.2001112 - for all news in november.

What I would like to see is that to be handled the same way as in WS-FTP. That is, mark a file, or a set of files, chose ASCII, Binary or Auto mode button, and then hit transfer. Something like that.

Does anyone have a solution for this, does it exist batches to be used ?
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