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Ask the server admin if he intentionally has his server performing Ident requests, and what for. This is not a very common thing, but FlashFXP is capable of responding to the requests. Ident is fairly archaic, especially today where everyone owns their own machine rather than logging into a public terminal. IRC servers still use Ident as a method to insure a user isn't connected via insecure anonymous proxy.

To enable Ident in FlashFXP, goto menu: Options > Preferences [F6] > Proxy/Firewall/Ident, and Checkmark [] "Enable" then enter a "User ID" (can be your username), leave it set at UNIX and port 113. Uncheck [] "Enable only when connecting" for now until you get it to work.

You'll want to Port Forward / Virtual Server TCP port 113 from your router to your local machine address. Test in DMZ first (ports all open).

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