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Default Problems connecting to FTP behind SpeedStream 2604 4 port router

Hey everyone,
An ftp I used to use currently switched server programs and now I can't connect to it. I did all the things that the administrator told me to, and now he doesn't know whats wrong, cept that its on my end. The first thing I did was open all ports. With all open I get this:
Connected to ***.***.***.*** -> IP=***.***.***.*** PORT=****
Ident Request: ***.***.***.***
Ident Request: ***.***.***.***
Connection failed (Connection lost)

Without all ports open i just get:
Connected to ***.***.***.*** -> IP=***.***.***.*** PORT=****
Connection failed (Connection timed out)

So it seems as if opening the ports does do something, just not enough. Im running version 2.0 build 911, i was using 906 but same problems. Im behind a SpeedStream 2604 4 port router. Another thing of interest, is that when i disconnected from the router and connected directly to my cable modem I couldn't connect either. If anyone has any ideas please post a reply. Thanks for you time.
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