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Default Icons for sites and stealth list

First, I would really love to have STEALTH list like pftp has. Instead of initiating a new data connection for list, stealth list sends the list over the control connection, significantly increasing the speed of list.

Second I would really love to have colors or icons to differentiate the different sites in my Site manager/quicklaunch. Perhaps I could even assign a color to each site, and flash would change its appearance in certain ways to show the individual site colors.

Finally, I can't wait for the next update for flash where we can queue the same dir over and and over, b/c this can help with folders that are not quite done when first transferring. Of course this is a half-measure, as I assume CWD must be used over and over, wasting valuable time.

PS: as an extra interface suggestion, I would like to make the quicklaunch selection larger, ie: two colums of sites instead of 1. I don't need to see what is going on underneath when I am selecting a site, this will make things faster.
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