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Default Two CRITICAL FlashFXP errors

First of all thanks for a great ftp-client. I have registered well over six months ago and so far I'm very happy with the many cool features FlashFXP offers.

But FlashFXP has to very serious bugs that I sincerely hope you get fixed ASAP.

1. (FlashFXP + ioftpd)

- When transfering in SSL mode (local uploads / downloads) files skip the last few bytes (i.e. 15.000.000 -> 14.999.995). I have tested it with the latest 909b4 and 8 other versions of FlashFXP. Also I 25 users have tested it and 85% get errors. The funny thing is that a few transfer with no problems. It seems that the transfer just completes before it's actually finished. I've tried three other ftp clients (wincmd + ssl wrap, cute ftp pro and smartftp) and they do NOT show this behavior.

2. (FlashFXP + ioftpd / raidenftpd)

- SSL transfers slow down, unless you change the transfer-buffers manually. This is not possible in raidenftpd, but unless you modify the buffers, you're stuck at 80 kb/s (ioftpd) and around 150 kb/s (raidenftpd) download speed max on a 2mbit connection. Also the three above-mentioned clients do NOT show this behavior.
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