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Originally posted by Fusion
I'm not sure I'd use it much either, but I might at times (else I wouldn't have thought it up).
I had considered this thought myself once, As there was one time where I needed to do just that. But I don't think there is enough justifcation to support the feature.

There are MANY MANY feature requests that only the person requesting the feature will find usefull. I really need to target everyone or altest the majority when new features are considered.

Perhaps new features should be voted apon?

a 2 week period.. a poll needs atlest 100 votes to be considered valid, and the poll would determine whether or not the feature was added. There would be some exceptions of course.. there are some features that have been requested that just are feasable with the current design.. Also there are some changes I have planned that I just havent found the time for. Which I really need to get after.. Oh and then there's bug to deal with. Popular simple easy to do features.. now that's what i'm talking about )

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