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Default Refreshing after file download?


I'm going to try and explain a situation.

Lets say a site you are downloading from has two folders you want downloaded. one folder is complete, the other is not complete but the contents are slowly coming in. now we save 2 queues, one for each folder. we load the completed queue and start downloading, we load the other incompleted folder 5 times into the queue, then move this into sections between the files from the complete folder, now when the download gets to the first incomplete folder, it will download any new files there, BUT from then on, you wont get anything from the others, because when the cache is turned on, it only sees the files from folder1.

Now is cache dir/ is off, then this works fine. but with it on ,you see what happens.

Now is there any other walk-around that can be impletmented into FlashFXP ,like say refresh dir/ after a file download (whether or not cache is on or off)

What do you think Bigstar?
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