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Whoa boy! Keep your pants on. Sorry for putting my 2 cents in. I promise I'll never do it again.

Except maybe one last time.

I should think people that use FlashFXP would like it to become as successful as something like CuteFTP (I wouldn't call Bullet Proof all that successful). Making it a little more intuitive and friendly would bring it a long way. What's wrong with implementing a few of the best traits of the competition?

I've decided to give up on Bullet Proof because, although I generally like the interface, it doesn't have a whole lot of options for users to customize to their liking. And it's piss slow when displaying local folders. I spent at least a couple of hours hunting around, trying a whole bunch of ftp apps before I finally found FlashFXP. I'm sure many people wouldn't bother looking for that long, which is a shame since Flash is a great product.

What are you whining about? Worried a few extra optional goodies on the toolbar are gonna slow down your favourite proggie? Would it pain you too much to have to click your mouse a couple of times to disable them? You're sounding just a little bit elitist there Celerex.
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