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Default FlashFXP wishlist from HELL

I think I'm switching from Bulletproof FTP to FlashFXP. Bulletproof seems to have become stagnant, and it's always been a bit buggy and slow. I've been playing with FlashFXP for a few days, and I like it so much that I've actually bothered to put together a list of things I don't like about it.

I'm basing these suggestions off of an unregistered copy of FlashFXP 1.4.1 build 819.

Sorry if any of these have been mentioned before (I've already mentioned the local deletion of files problem under bug reports):

1. queue window should scroll automatically while dragging queued files up or down within it

2. a simple "enter URL" dialog box (or maybe a textbox built directly into the toolbar) that automatically recognizes if you're entering a url with just a directory ending, or a URL pointing to a file. If with a file, flash should put it in the queue, connect to the site, and attempt to transfer the queued file (like bulletproof ftp). The "Server or URL field" in the quick connect box doesn't seem to distinguish between a file url and a directory url. It always tries to do a CWD to the file, which inevitably results in a error from the server.

3. "auto size queue list columns" in preferences seems broken for me. always autoresizes, can't turn it off

4. option to leave out pathname in the source line under the "name" heading in the queue window, just have the filename instead (to save screen space)

5. ability to upload and download files/folders using a filename/foldername that's different from that of the source

6. proper standard clickable headings in queue window that sort ascending/descending according to which heading you click (just like the local and remote views)

7. right clicking the headings in the queue list should pop up a menu to enable/disable the desired headings

8. bug: can't seem to be able to delete local files. have to use explorer menu to do so

9. option to make the explorer menu the main r-click one, with an entry to take you back to the flashfxp one. Or, create a drop down explorer menu that you only have to point at, instead of click.

10. ability to queue all remote commands, such as delete and rename, and have them execute in sequence from the queue (like bulletproof ftp)

11. put a parent up button beside the bookmark button for both local and remote views. make both buttons optional (don't think i'll have much use for the bookmark button) via a r-click menu. optional removal of parent directory link (hate having to double click). And/or, just convert the parent directory link to a big wide parent directory single click button that spans the whole file listing display

12. make the toolbar completely customizable (add/remove all buttons and modify their positions)

13. automatically display queued files info (total size of queued uploads and downloads) in the status bar when not transferring. or, create an optional status bar exclusively for the queue listing

14. in addition to showing idle time, show duration of connection time in status bar

15. when does flashfxp write data to disk? It seems to wait until it's accumulated 60K or so before writing it to the local file. Maybe make this user specifiable? Or, make this happen more often (every few K perhaps)?

16. some basic quick connect functionality built directly into the toolbar (host, port, username, password) a la bpftp and cuteftp (display of this should be optional)

17. site manager button on the toolbar

18. quick connect button on toolbar, to open up the normal quick connect dialog box.

19. make the site listings under the connect button on the toolbar user-sortable (via drag and drop?) (would be good to be able to keep your favourite entries near the top)

20. for displaying shortcuts in the local window, use the shortcut icon that windows is currently using (not necessarily the little arrow with a square white background, it's customizable using TweakUI)

21. if future versions do allow threads, make it optional! i personally like having separate instances of my ftp proggie running on the taskbar, independently of each other

22. put saved queue listings files in a subfolder of the flashfxp program folder (instead of the main program folder like it is now)

23. Give the reconnect command its own toolbar button

24. maybe consider having the ability to save the entire session display, and automatically redisplay the last connection info, and queue listings on next startup.

25. option for single click behaviour, like in windows (point to select, click to open/execute/transfer/whatever)(use timing for point select from windows)

26. ability to position status window and queue window independently (e.g., have the status window sprawled out horizontally at the top, and the queue window at the bottom, with the local and remote listings in between)

27. in addition to showing disk free space, show total disk space taken by files in current folder of local view

28. allow browsing of cached remote directories during a file transfer

29. while uploading, if you go browsing through local folders to some other folder, when your upload finishes, the local view jumps back to the folder you uploaded from. annoying.

30. could use a redesigned proggie icon. current one looks a little goofy to me, but i guess that's just taste
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