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Exclamation Site to Site connection problems

Having a problem with the Site to Site connection, and would like to see if anyone has had this problem also:

Site 1 - FXP Client
Site 2 - FTP User Server
Site 3 - FTP Download Server (data store)

Site 1 is able to FTP to Site 2 just fine

Site 1 builds a site to site FTP session from Site 3 to Site 2, but the data is not being pushed. It will start to create the folders and subfolders but once it gets to the RAR files it will not start copying.

There are no firewall rules on Site 2, and all connections are being done through DSL or higher connections.

Not sure what is going on, but why is Site one able to FTP to Site 2 just fine and upload all data, but why is the site to site ftp data transfer dieing when it reaches the RAR files and automatically disconnects?

Any help would be great...
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