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"i assume you transfer those rars as binary.. "


Im thinking it`s some setting. Actually, this happened so frequent (50%+) that i got back to my old ftp program (CuteFTP). And it didnt happen so i was thinking i solved it

But now today i got it again, in CuteFTP.. Downloaded about 5.5GB of data, and one CD has 3 corrupted files.

From the beginning i thought it had to do with resume, that you have to put a couple of KB rollback, but thats not it because these files are not resumed. I know there is some setting about receiver/send buffering, can that have something to do with it?

I think my TCP/IP settings are pretty straight forward, class C net, D-Link as the router adress on all the computers, and a DNS.. Don`t think its anything there.
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