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Default All transfers still hang up as soon as the first .m3u file is found.

I added .m3u to the skip list...but the transfers still halts at the first .m3u file found in the transfer.
STOR 00-r.o.c._ft._jagged_edge-lovin_me_(promo_single)-2001-chr.m3u
226 Transfer ok
150 Opening data connection for 00-r.o.c._ft._jagged_edge-lovin_me_(promo_single)-2001-chr.m

This is as far as it gets. now if reconnect, I can send the rest of the files that were in queue...but still no .m3u. Nor can I fxp the .m3u alone. I'm having to download the m3u myself...then upload it to that dir after the rest of the files have been fxp'd!

Still baffled
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