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Thumbs down Flash Beta 819 problem with XP

I using the latest beta version and iam still having problem with flash-fxp. Beta version 819

The problem:

It allows me to connect and i can see folders etc.

But as I trave up the path, ie from folder to folder it shows all files as zero bytes. Even thought at the begining of the path files appeared as is.

If I hightlight all the files they appear as zero bytes, if I download they download as normal.

As a test I download a 200byte file and re upped it somewhere else

This appear as 200k Zero bytes
Transferred: 200 200,000 bytes in 16.18 (12.07 KB/Sec)
Transfer queue completed

reupped it next to a file i could see and it still showed it as zero bytes

Transferred: 200 200,000 bytes in 18.99 (10.86 KB/Sec)

any help would be appreciated.

Iam using windows xp on a 667mhz machine with 328 memory.

I was using win98 with no problems at all.

and heres another one if you you go into preferences and change the list method to show hidden you see nothing, change it back to default and you see all again.

These problems occured with earlier version, but only only windows xp

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