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Default Upload Transfer Problem

I am using build 902, which is the latest update available.

This seems to be occuring 90% of the time now. I will be uploading a file (fxp as well) and after it completes, it will attempt the next file in que. I get this msg:

500 'OOP': Command not understood.
Transfer Failed!
227 Entering Passive Mode (xx,xx,xx,xxx,134,129)
PORT xx,xx,xx,xx,134,129
550 /xxxxxx/xxxxxxx/xxxxxx.xxxxx: No such file.
200 PORT Command successful.
226 ABOR command successful.
Transfer Failed!

(I have send noops during transfer enabled. Without it, I have to reconnect every time a transfer completes. I beleive it has to do with my router, which I cant change the settings on it with regards to NAT. Linksys Cablemodem router with the latest firmware)

It will continue to do this for quite some time, till figuring out that the file does indeed exist. The real problem is that it will automatically put a red x on the que entry then proceed very quickly through the whole list.

I can reset all the que entries and then try again, and it will do the first file correctly then the same problem.

I have resorted to cloning the que about 200 times. This way it seems to fail about 200 entries before clearing up its "brain fart" and seeing the files again.

It does this on multiple server types (Raiden, Proftp, Glftp, serv-u)

This is happening across multiple instances of flashfxp (Installed in seperate directories, seperate systems) So I dont beleive that its an issue of the installation being corrupted for some reason
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