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Question can't delete local files


Just downloaded and installed FlashFXP and loving it. Congrats bigstar! Looks like bulletproof ftp is gonna get the boot from me. :P

Don't know if this has been reported by anyone yet, but I can't seem to be able to delete files in the local view, whether using the del key or the r-click menu. However, if I r-click the file, then choose "Explorer Menu..." (kick-ass feature by the way) and THEN click delete, it deletes just fine (sticks it in the recycle bin). I have this problem regardless of the delete files confirmation setting in preferences, but I guess that setting only applies to remote files.

I'm using an unregistered demo of FlashFXP 1.4.1 build 819 (latest version as far as I can tell from this forum) running on Win2K SP2. I have Zonealarm Pro 2.6.362 running in the background.


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