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Default 2 simple questions to Bigstar regarding FlashFXP 2.0 builds

Hi I am now using FlashFXP 2.0 build 901 which is working for me pretty fine. I have also downloaded and saved the complete installer of FlashFXP build 2.0 build 902. And now I see FlashFXP 2.0 build 905 is there in the site for download. I have 2 questions for Bigstar.

1) Can you please provide me the detailed changelog from build 901 to 902. I am pretty happy with build 901. So unless there is something really important , I will stay with build 901.

2) If you do recommend an update from build 901, will I install build 902 or 905 ?? I read in the forums that build 902 is the latest version for the registered users. So is there really something important in 905 or should build 902 be just fine for me ?? If 902 is the latest version for registered users and there's not much in build 905, I don't want to be a scapegoat to try with build 905 as build 901 is worky for me really well.

As you can see from above, I am really trying to work out if later builds after build 901 are worth uprading to and if yes, which build is better, 902 or 905. A quick reply will be much appreciated.
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