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Default Advanced Directory Functions: Compare, Selection & More

Advanced Features.

I remember old functionalities found in a product named XTREE that run under DOS...

1.- Case sensitive file/Dir Comparing (Is it possible under FTP commands only?)
2.- File Size Comparing
4.- Date/Time Comparing
3.- CRC Comparing

Advanced selection based on comparing results...

Search and Replace functions...

Parametric Rename, Create, Move, Transfer. etc.

like this

FOR %i=01,10 DO
Transfer [File%i.rar -> /Dir%i/File%i.rar]

I know this requires a scripting language, a parser engine that interpretes scripts translating them into FTP Commands... But It would make FFXP really powerful and customizable.

And yes, these features are far from the current scope of FFXP but you could consider them in the next major release (v2.0?)
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