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Default What does this error mean?

Sometimes when I log onto certain FTP servers, I get the following message:

Connecting to XXXXXXXXX
Connected to XXXXXXXXX Port XXX
220-Serv-U FTP Server v3.0 for WinSock ready...
220--=[ Server Statistics ]=-
220-You are Connecting From XXXXXXXXX
220-The Local time is 17:37:04,
220-This server has been running for
220-5 Days, 5 Hours, 56 Mins
220-Amount of Logins Since Server Started: 4
220-Amount of Logins in the last 24 Hours: 604
220-Currently Logged in Users: 1
220-Total Kb downloaded: 13 Kb
220-Total Kb uploaded: 3276 Kb
220-Amount of Files downloaded: 0
220-Amount of Files uploaded: 1
220-Average throughput: 0.007 Kb/sec
220-Current throughput: 0.000 Kb/sec
220 ===========================================
331 User name okay, need password.
PASS (hidden)
530 Not logged in.
Connection failed

Why does it kick me off after preparing to accept the password? Does it mean that the server is busy? Usually if it is busy it gives me something like Too many users.

Thank you.
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