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Default Suggestions

My FlashFXP dream features

1. Right click on queue features
Sort by size (ASC/DESCENDING)
Insert RAW command (e.g. i can queue LIST or SITE WHO...)

2. Schedule under Queue menu, and not under tools.

3. Multiple ip's per sites, and use last working ip. If not working, try new ip...

4. Define Max Idletime on each site.

5. Define 'Maximum downloads at same time' (FlashFXP must check for other connections to that ip. Thus preventing me to dual download when I have 19 sites at the same time. (some sysops hate dual download).

6. Word highlighting. And make a sound or something when
it triggers (just like mirc ;P)

7. Utility: A global activity window displaying all flashfxp's

FlashFXP usage right now
[11s] [S1] -> [S2] [0,4MB/s] /movies/vcd/Free.Movie-FIO-VCD/Cd2/myfile.r42 (15MB)
[3s] [BB] <- [AA] [1,4MB/s] /movies/vcd/Free.Movie-FIO-VCD/Cd2/myfile.r22 (15MB)
[59s] [CC] <- [VV] [2,0MB/s] /freeware/myfreeware/cool.rar (4MB)
[VV] [SS] [0] Idling: (54s) /freeware/myfreeware/

You get the picture? ;P I hope i can click on
the different lines, and it takes me to the correct FlashFXP.
Note: We don't need any fancy gui, as long as the thing
updates every second.

Thank you for the very best FTP program!


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