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Originally posted by y2kmp3

i did set the anti-idle to nops. i will try the other commands. why will this make a difference?
No, I was thinking perhaps you were using the LIST command. If anti-idle were to cause lockups I would have suspected LIST being used. It requires the most work compared to the other commands.

cannot see errorlog.txt at all, since i am completely locked out and cannot even launch notepad to see the errorlog. i then use goback to revert back to earlier time. when i search back to see if there is an errorlog.txt, there is NONE.

usually happens after idle for 3-4 hours.

i have asked flashfxp to auto exit after it finished download, and so far it seems to have fixed the problem.

thanks for the speedy advice. looking forward to solve this mystery.
That is really strange, Perhaps FlashFXP is not 100% compatible with your system configuration, WinXP is relatively new and we are still working out the bugs.

I am unable to reproduce the problem on my test XP system.
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