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Default Bugs XP Unresponsive with FlashFXP idle

reporting a bug...

win xp professional, fresh install, background apps Norton Systemworks 2002, XP firewall only (no other firewall program), flashfxp 1.4 build 800 (incl. patch), goback 3.1 for xp.

for flashfxp i have set auto-idle on, and on finishing downloading, simply idle without disconnect.

however, when flashfsp remains idles for a long time (ex. hours), xp will not allow any other program to run, including internet explorer, citiing cannot initiate program (?ran of resource, but did not say this explicitly). will not even allow me to reboot or shutdown.

only allows me to choose between logoff and switch user, but pushing buttons for these options do nothing.

force to reboot by pushing reset hardware button.

this is a very serious problem. please advise.

ps: PIII800EB, ASUS CUCL2-C, 512MB RAM, Nividia GeForce 2 GTS
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