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The version of TWAPI that is part of ioNINJA is 2.0. The current version is 4.3. I tried to update the TWAPI to 4.3. For some reason TCL does not manage to find newer versions of it. It needed more hacking and I left it as it is for now.
The main problem i see here is: when you update TWAPI you will also need to Update the TCL libs, wich mostlikely will break ioninja (new functions added and old functions removed in TCL in general). So i guess if you want to update to latest TCL and latest TWAPI you will need to recode ioninja..

What i saw is that last version supporting TCL 8.4 is TWAPI 2.1.6 -> if i am not mistaken).

latest TCL: 8.6.10 / November 21, 2019
latest TWAPI: 4.3.5

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