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Default FTP File Date Question


Not sure if you remember me, but we discussed sometime ago the preserve file date where the file would be a second out or so ... and you switched to a new method for file / datetime stamp conversion.

I just have a small question about file date time.

[08:30:08] [R] SIZE 028.jpg
[08:30:08] [R] 213 5959601
[08:30:08] [R] MDTM 028.jpg
[08:30:08] [R] 213 20130722220538

When I check the properties of the file I see :

Created Date : 22nd July 2013 / 23:05:38

... I am wondering if this a UTC / GMT time conversion displaying the time for my current timezone ... and when my clock goes back an hour later this year if the time will then show 22:05:38 as per the MDTM?
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