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After extensive testing with my setup I was only able to come up with one scenario where I was able to reproduce the flicker on startup and its a rather specific situation (with the server under 100% cpu load) and launching FlashFXP as a RemoteApp on Windows 7 client. Though this same issue was not reproducible on Windows 10 client.

If the FlashFXP window is maximized when closed then this position is restored the next time its started and via a remote terminal session this causes several redraws and flickers during startup and increases the start up time by 14 seconds.

Time until main window is ready for user input.

normal: 4 seconds
maximized: 18 seconds

Though this situation does not appear when starting FlashFXP via a remote terminal server session.

However you might ask them to confirm whether or not the window is maximized and if it is maximized, restore the window back to normal, close FlashFXP and then restart it.

At this time I do not think remote access will help resolve the issue because there is no way for us to directly measure the timing during startup to see whats specifically causing the slow down.

I forgot to ask, but what version of Windows is the user using and is he using the Windows remote desktop client to access the terminal session?

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