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As I previously stated there is already a way to adjust the temp folder location but environment variables are expanded and the expanded result is saved. Which causes a problem if you want to use %temp% across multiple accounts/machines.

Here's an update that corrects the issue with %temp%

Unzip the flashfxp.exe into your FlashFXP program folder overwriting the existing file.

To set the temp folder path do the following.

Start FlashFXP
Press Ctrl+R or from the main menu > Commands > Raw Command

Enter the following command
/set "%temp%"
Then click the [OK] button to execute the command.

You'll see something similar to this in the status window

[13:15:24] [L] [CMD] /set "%temp%"
[13:15:24] SET = "C:\USERS\XX\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\~flashfxp" [OK], Previous Value = "d:\temp\~flashfxp"

If the temporary path doesn't exist then it will be created, but if it cannot be created then it will assume the default value.

You can check the current location from within FlashFXP under the main menu > Help > About, then click the Details tab.
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