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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
This is a security feature of the portable edition. The portable edition goes to great lengths to avoid storing any temporary files or application data anywhere on the local machine.
I really like this feature and it is the main reason why I use the portable edition and I understand how my request can violate this position. How about making the choice of using an alternate cache folder something that the user needs to accept in the preferences so they are acknowledging the weakened security before FlashFXP allows it?

Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
Now if this is a non-security concern there is a way to override the temporary file locations in the portable edition.... However upon testing this scenario I discovered an unexpected issue and the feature does not work as expected for your situation; %TEMP% is expanded prematurely and the value of %TEMP% is written to the data file which fails on portability, Also we can't just use %TEMP%, we need to create a folder within %TEMP%\~flashfxp\ and this sub-folder does not automatically get created.

I am working on correcting these issues now. I can send you a link with the fix when ready if you want to test it out.
I really appreciate your speedy response. I would be more than happy to test it out.

If the designated cache folder doesn't exist would FlashFXP revert back to its default cache sub folder in its startup folder? Or would it attempt to create the missing folder after prompting to tell you that is what it will do (the prompt will serve to remind the user that this way of working weakens the security of the portable edition)?

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