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Default Download speed when viewing a file vs transfering


I run the portable version of FlashFXP from a USB pen (v5.4.0 build 3960). When I transfer a file from a server to a folder on my PC I see transfer speeds as I would expect but when I right click and choose to view a file instead I see the transfer speed tank.

I guess this is down to where FlashFXP is choosing to cache the file while it is downloading it for viewing, which is the cache folder on my USB pen. The double whammy on this is that it takes much longer to download it but then it also takes much longer to open it up too from that cache folder (I am working with large text files, 100's mb in size).

Is there a way to nominate a preferred cache folder first and let it fall back on its own cache folder if the preferred one is not available? My choice of preferred would normally just be %TEMP%.

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