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Default How to create symlinks

Good Day,
maybe im blind and/or did not find the thread where it was explained how to create symlinks in ioftpd 7.7.3 with ioNinja.

Allow me ask some questions:

Is it correct to use the the flac.cfg and the mp3.cfg for it?

In the mp3.cfg i find:
set ioNJ(audio_sorting) {
{/MP3/} {c:/_Sorted/Music/1. Artists_#/%artist_first/%artist/%year - %album}
{/MP3/} {c:/_Sorted/Music/2. Artists/%artist/%year - %album}
{/MP3/} {c:/_Sorted/Music/3. Date/%Y/%m. %B/%artist - %album (%year)}
{/MP3/} {c:/_Sorted/Music/4. Year/%decade/%year/%artist - %album}
{/MP3/} {c:/_Sorted/Music/5. Release/%artist/%release}
{/MP3/} {c:/_Sorted/Music/6. Genre/%genre/%artist - %album}

How the line must look for Group?

Do i need to set somewhere else some setting to create sysmlinks?

How do i create the symlinks for the groups? what are the commands and where i do set the commands?

Many thx for any help
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