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Default Ffxp hang upon connection

System: WinXP SP1, P4 2.0, 1 gb ram
Version/Build: v2.0 build 880 (bought and paid for...)


Am on ADSL and have to login to be able to "surf" the web etc. If I dont login and try to connect to a site anyway, ffxp hangs totally. Cannot press the Abort icon (I can, but nothing happens) and it just sits there saying

"Connecting to testsite"

and nothing happens. If I login to my ISP and hence getting an internet connection, it still doesnt connect; it just sits there doing nothing. Isnt there a timeout on the connection? It seems its not working if there is no connection to the ISP. The timeout function works perfectly fine when I am connected to my ISP though.

Only solution I have found so far is to quit and restart ffxp...
This problem has been around forever actually, its nothing new with this build or version.

/Regards, Anna
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