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Originally Posted by Prodigy View Post
Yes, that would be correct, will do about archives naming. FYI you need to always replace all of the *.dll, *.pdb from my archive into the system folder, the mandatory lib folder replacement is required as the one on my archive is newest & compatible with the libraries that is linked with the ioFTPD in term of TCL 5.9.x branch.

What is your preliminary test of my newest build?, not crashing anymore or bad news :-(?.

Btw you could send/P.M me your dumps now if it's still crashing.

My preliminary test was only done with ioNinja addon.
Current status is: ioftpd from 30 November is crashing on SCHEDULER events of EXE scripts like NEWDAY and SEARCHLOGCREATE of IOA. TCL scripts as SCHEDULER events seem to work fine.

Tonight I will be testing:

WIN10 machine: Will continue running the test of ioftpd from 30th November where I check if TCL scripts in SCHEDULER crash ioftpd. Last night the TCL script NEWDAY of nxTools did not crash iofptd. I keep ioftpd running for another day now, to see if it will stay stable this night too.

WIN7 machine: I will test ioftpd from 18th Dezember with EXE scripts in SCHEDULER (IOA). I replaced all non *.ini files in /system directory and I replaced the /lib directory.

We will see what will happen.
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