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Originally Posted by UltraFine View Post
Hey Prodigy,

what benefit does a new TCL library have? I think it would be way cooler to update the eggdrop version. The version that comes with ioNINJA is 1.6.17. I tried to update it to 1.8.3 (current one) but ran into strange issues which can be categorized in tree groups:

1) procs that get windows info like "uptime" proc and rely on TWAPI crash the eggdrop. The current version of TWAPI is 4.3. The one supplied with ioNINJA is 2.0. I did not manage to update the TWAPI to 4.3, although I tried.

2) Bot would not announce NEWDIR and DELDIR (but would announce other triggers from the log)

3) Some issues with ioftpd::Window in the "tagline" proc. These may also be related to (2)

Hmm, probably there are API breaking changes when the TCL libraries/packages changed major version number, it's only a test if newer TCL libraries having fixes/performances improvement, i have removed it to avoid miss-leading.
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