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Originally Posted by Prodigy View Post
Also added new TCL libs to the ioNINJA, haven't tested thoroughly, only installing it on ioFTPD and restarted the ioFTPD, no error or anything even tough it has custom scheduler :

Hey Prodigy,

what benefit does a new TCL library have? I think it would be way cooler to update the eggdrop version. The version that comes with ioNINJA is 1.6.17. I tried to update it to 1.8.3 (current one) but ran into strange issues which can be categorized in tree groups:

1) procs that get windows info like "uptime" proc and rely on TWAPI crash the eggdrop. The current version of TWAPI is 4.3. The one supplied with ioNINJA is 2.0. I did not manage to update the TWAPI to 4.3, although I tried.

2) Bot would not announce NEWDIR and DELDIR (but would announce other triggers from the log)

3) Some issues with ioftpd::Window in the "tagline" proc. These may also be related to (2)


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