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Originally Posted by Prodigy View Post
UltraFine, could you please trying my new compilation test?

Binaries :
Source code :
I have a hunch that your ioFTPD installation still using old TCL lib folder, please make sure to delete old one and replacing it by mine.

Hey Prodigy,


I test on two different machines with Win7 and Win10
In the past weeks I was testing ioftpd always on two completely different machines. One my Win7 laptop and the other a win10 desktop pc which has no relationship to the laptop whatsoever. I basically do the setup on the laptop, zip ioftpd and copy it to the desktop. So I always have two identical copies running. I experience the crashes on SCHEDULER events on both machines when I stick EXE scripts into the SCHEDULER. So I would exclude "windows misconfiguration" as a possible reason for that.

Sticking TCL scripts into SCHEDULER seems to work fine
This night I tried out the nxTools NEWDAY script, which is a TCL based solution. The SCHEDULER ran just fine created the NEWDAY directories. Thus I conclude from this that a TCL script in the SCHEDULER DOES NOT crash the ioftpd.

I am using the TCL lib folder from your compilation
I am pretty sure I am using the TCL lib folder from your compilation, because (if I remember correctly) your version would not even start if you have the tcl lib folder from YIL compilation. But I will recheck one more time for you.

Next Steps: Two tests to run?
If I understand you correctly I have to perform two tests now.
First Test: Just the test with the new compiled binary from 18th-Dezember without changing the DEP.
Second Test: Disable the DEP and test with the ioftpd.exe from 30th-November (heh, it would be way better to have some other differentiator than the compilation date)



Prodigy, one more thing: could you please name your files names in a way that they contain information that makes them easier to differentiate? I have now three different "ioftpd.rar" files in my download directory, and never know which one is the new one or the old one. One solution could be to name them "ioftpd_19122018_Prodigy_compilation.RAR"

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