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Default Problems creating my own .fqf for FlashFXP 5


I want to programmatically create my own .fqf file. I got it working following the format described in the help text for FlashFXP4 but just can't get it to work for FFXP5. I have read the help and tried a lot of variations but don't get it to work properly. The problem seems to be that it doesn't recognize the sites in my Site Manager. I don't have any sites organized in groups so I should just be able to use the names as added in the site manager. Here is the string I use to transfer a folder between sites:

1+ (char)1 + 0 + (char)1 + (char)2 + SOURCE + (char)1 + (char)2 + DESTINATION + (char)1 + SOURCE_FOLDER + (char)1 + DESTINATION_FOLDER + (char)1 + 0 + "\r\n"

When I try to load the .fqf in flashfxp I always get under the Remark column: My Computer to My Computer(is this even possible?). I have analyzed the .fqf file in a text editor and and it looks correct according to the format described in the help.

Any idea what can be wrong?

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