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Cool Problem with special characters in password using SFTP


I'm just at day 2 of my evaluation period. I'm testing everything before buying FlashFXP.

And I'm pretty sure that I have found a bug.

I use special characters in my passwords, but SSHD auth.log shows me failed logins (password wrong). The server uses UTF-8 and I already tried to force UTF-8 in site manager -> options -> character set. I think FlashFXP try to switch to UTF-8 after the login, but not for login itself. All my sites uses SFTP over SSH.

Also I found out that some of the special characters are stored with HTML entities. If I export my sites and have a look at the passwords, it will show "& g t ;" (without the spaces) instead of ">" - that's just an example there are more characters that are stored wrong.

BTW: With FileZilla everything works fine.

Is there a chance to fix this quickly? I really want to use FlashFXP in the future but using passwords without special characters is not an option for me.

Greetings from Germany,

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