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I can confirm this issues also occurs for me (was just coming to the forums to check/report it)

Build 3906, previous build before updating was 3901 (i think), Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit.

This only occurs under certain circumstances.

To reproduce...
-Ensure 'on transfer complete' option is set to 'idle'
-Queue some files/folders for local download and begin transfer
-Minimize session to system tray
-Wait for queue to finish transferring (no errors in my examples)
-Maximize session from system tray

Answering your questions...
-Local path is a fixed drive
-Pressing F5 or navigating does not update the local file listing.
-The parent directory ICON is visible, but not the text... you can scroll and move around the listing as if the contents were there (even typing the name of a known directory and hitting enter to navigate into it) HOWEVER as soon as you leave the current directory the local listing window become completely empty (no parent directory icon, no knowledge of new cwd contents, etc). Hitting CTRL+L or CTRL+N will cause flashfxp to become aware of the new cwd contents but it is still not drawn to the interface (back to the initial error state)
-Both local browser navigation tree and path dropdown show correct information at all times. Selecting or typing in either to navigate functions but does not correct the issue (same affect as keyboard navigation as outlines in previous point)

In order to fix it properly in an open session I found that I have to perform a remote connection or disconnection (either will do).

-If the "On Transfer Complete" operation is NOT set to Idle then this bug does not occur (rather I assume it does occur but the automatic disconnection forces the correction)
-As a side note, usually flashfxp will return to the initial working directory on both remote and local sides after queue has finished, but while re-testing to post this comment I noticed that when On Transfer Complete is set to Disconnect Sites this operation is not performed on either side. While it may not be necessary on all remote connections because it is just going to disconnect (then again if you are caching and the remote listing are not cleared on disconnect then it should actually return still), it should always return to the initial working directory in the local browser.
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