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For whatever reason I never not get their reply, otherwise I would of replied.

Here's the thing about SBB, unless you explicitly disable a cipher/hmac/kex/etc its most likely allowed by default.

I installed FileCOPA on a VM to show you what I mean, Using the the default configuration with no changes

Below is the handshake info sent from the FileCOPA server to the client.

Cipher list:

MAC list:

Now the FileCOPA server is indicating to the client that it supports (via the MAC) aes128-gsm and aes256-gsm, now because gsm ciphers are implicit this also means the cipher is supported too, the way this is handled could also be a bug in SBB too but I am not sure.

But based on this logic SBB comes to the conclusion that aes128-gsm and aes256-gsm are in fact supported.
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