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Originally Posted by andreas View Post
I think that "Find" dialog (ctrl+F) is forgotten in the past!
You can add some additional features like:

Find previous (please!!! I have to search from the beginning each time I accidentally press next! )
Since the current behavior is to select each match on find, how exactly would this work? Would it un-select the current match and then jump to the previous match? I am not sure if there is a keyboard shortcut available for this operation, as most of them are used.

Save Results:Everything that matches the search query can be saved in a txt for future usage.
Do you mean the search query text, like a drop-down box allowing you to select a previous search instead of having to re-enter it?

Missing Icon on top left corner (I don't know if it should have)
This is by design.

Search files / directories only option
This can be added.

Show only results to ftp window Hide non matching files or directories from the ftp window.
I am not sure if this would fit in well with the intended behavior of the find feature. Since with find you find one and maybe the next.

Where-as hiding all non-matches is more of a one shot deal.

There might be another way for us to add a similar feature via a raw command macro, we already have a /hide <pattern> macro that hides items matching the pattern, we could add a way to invert the logic to hide non-matches.
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