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Hi, yes, ioFTPD supports the creation of these link types as i know from the ioNINJAs zipscript and ioLAB. There is also mention of a 'site SYMLINK' command in the server docs, of which i supposed to be able to create such links, but this command doesn't work for me. From the site help i for this command I know that
Usage: SITE SYMLINK <dirPath> | <name>
<dirPath> - Path to target directory.
<name> - Name (or path) of new symlink.
=> Create a new ioFTPD symbolic link using <name> for the link and
"<dirPath>" as the target.
So, there should be such functionality, but executing that command gives me this response through the FFXP status window:
500 symlink: No such file or directory
For the sake of testing i changed the execution rights for this command to
;symlink = 3GV1M
symlink = *
but it changed nothing. Still no go. If anybody knows, how to fix that, please report.

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